What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is really hard to define, since for each one this word has a different meaning. Is it all about willing to start something? Is it about putting ideas in action?

EntrepreneurshipWebster defines an entrepreneur as: “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise”.

This can be described as “extremely simple” at least, when compared with a real endeavor. A real entrepreneur not only “organizes, manages, and assumes the risks”, but he is also passionate about the idea he is helping to bring to reality. He believes in what he does, and based on this belief, he will work as hard as he can to make the change he intends to.

“Entrepreneurship is about spirit”, said Katia Sitorova (MCP Mauritius). That phrase got me thinking for a while, especially about how it sums all the competences necessary for a successful enterprise. “Spirit” is not meant as in “soul”, but as passion, commitment, love, teamwork, and everything (GCM competences included^^) that we see in the enterprises that are successful. When we see an enterprise that is having difficulties, commonly one of the following situations is taking place: the entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs is facing a severe lack of belief in the project, or the people involved in the entrepreneurship are being pushed back due to technical difficulties.

While both cases are worth of preoccupation, the second one has way more hope than the first one. If you are willing to do something, if you “aren´t afraid of your dreams”, as Monika Sabat (MCVP ICX&ER Mauritius) said, you will find the tools, manuals and the people that will teach you how to correct your course and achieve your goals.

If what you or your team lacks is the spirit, you should reflect on the project itself and its reasons. Is it really worth it? Are we able to achieve our goals? Are we going to make an impact on society? The answer being “yes”, there should be no reason to quit, you “only” need to work out the solution! Think outside the box and challenge yourself to achieve your goals, with hard work no endeavor is impossible.

Returning the question – What is entrepreneurship? It is all above and beyond. One can only truly understand if he lived such an experience. But I would add in the Webster definition the word “spirit”.

Ivan Boscariol (with great help from the girls of MC Mauritius 08/09)

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