Entrepreneurs doesn´t stop

When you see someone who had an experience in Entrepreneurship, they usually keep working with this issue as long as they can (myself included), directly or not. The experience is so intense, and the feeling you have when you achieve the goals set by the project YOU created, alone or with an passionate team, is unexplainable.

Not only we must try to have this experiences, but also promote this experiences, especially by working with this issue in our own Local Comittee, raising exchanges related to entrepreneurship. To show how can one exchange raised in AIESEC can change one´s life and subsequently several others, here is an small storyabout how AIESEC changed someone’s life regarding entrepreneurship and motivated her in working with this issue continously:

“The first time I heard about “social entrepreneurs” the expression didn´t really make sense to me… until then, entrepreneurship, in my concept, was always associated to business, to people who create companies and make money, and that had no connection to NGOs or the third sector.
After getting to know some more organizations and people, however, that opinion has totally changed! Now I clearly see that entrepreneurship has everything to do with social… because what else do we need to solve social problems, if not people who are able to innovate, to create new things and implement new ideas?
Thanks to AIESEC, that became part of my world, of my daily life. As social entrepreneurship coordinator in AIESEC Brazil, I could get in touch with organizations which work in the field, learn more about the topic and get really inspired by many practical cases. Right now, I´m doing an internship in an NGO in Colombia, learning how powerful can be a vision to change things, and how much work it requires to make it become true.Débora in colombia
If the AIESEC members who are involved with entrepreneurship within the organization will be entrepreneurs, if they will create a business or a social venture, is something we cannot ensure. However, I`m sure the AIESEC Experience provide members the opportunity to develop competences such as innovation, creativity, conflict solving, and many others which will help each of us to be successful entrepreneurs, if we actually decide to follow this path.”       – Débora Basso – Artemisia Coordinator IGN Board 09-10

Ivan Boscariol

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  1. Sergio says:

    Sugestion: could you put the full feed on the RSS? So we don’t need to click each post to read it 🙂

    PS: Debora is great, she was on the same executive board as me 😀

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