How AIESEC can challenge mindsets

In AIESEC we know lots of people who discovered a new way to see the world, and inside this new way, found that their skills and competences could be developed beyond the imaginable. This is one of them, Stefanie Gösele, alumnus from @Germany:

Entrepreneurship“AIESEC is, in my opinion, the first choice for young people who want to develop their personalities and broaden their horizons. Among the most important skills and qualities that a student can acquire in AIESEC are leadership skills and entrepreneurship.
When I was younger, I was completely lacking an entrepreneurial mindset and considered myself incapable of ever managing business of my own. Then I joined AIESEC.
From my first days in AIESEC, I started taking responsibility, first as a project manager, then as Vice President Finance, then on national level. I lead teams of up to six people, was involved in the management of my local committee, audited the accounting of eight local committees, coached and guided many people and delivered many training sessions on different topics. In a nutshell, I learned to take – and to love – responsibility.
This experience was intensified during my AIESEC internships in Tunisia and India. I have seen everything from a still slightly unorganized start-up to a struggling IT company to a well developed local company. I have worked in marketing, financial controlling, human resources, customer support, project management and in sales. This wide range of working areas has helped me a lot to deepen my business knowledge and leadership skills and to get a better understanding of the international working world.
I am currently working as key account manager in an Indian IT company where I am responsible for all customer communications as well as customer support and am also involved in project and task management. Never in my life have I had so much responsibility, and this constantly challenges me to grow and to become stronger every day. And yet, I am only an intern – but an AIESEC intern. I don’t think that a normal intern would be given so much trust and confidence by a company and would have such an amazing learning experience.

I am really grateful for the many amazing opportunities that AIESEC has given me in the last four and a half years. Without AIESEC I would be a completely different person today – and a considerably less strong, confident and experienced one.” -Stefanie Gösele

Ivan Boscariol

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4 Responses to How AIESEC can challenge mindsets

  1. paritosh jha says:

    hi…this is paritosh jha from AIESEC INDIA(AIESEC SURAT)..ur blog and experience truly inspired me…

    i want to be ur frnd….

    can i add u on facebook….

    wish u all good luck dear…

    have a very happy life…..

  2. Widy Dinarti says:

    reading this post makes me really moved..
    suddenly I drop my tears..

    well, actually I start to have the same feeling..
    before I join AIESEC, I don’t have any idea about being an entrepreneur.. I felt that being an entrepreneur is really beyond of my imagination…

    but after I being LCP, even I’ve just start my term at 1st July 2009… I do really believe that I can be an entrepreneur..

    and being entrepreneur is not a dream anymore, because we can live on it via AIESEC

  3. James says:

    Tell me.
    AIESEC Angola is present in IC?

  4. Eddy Christopher says:

    I consider this experience shared as a real unearthed truth about the wounders one can achieve through enjoying participation. I LOVE AIESEC

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