AIESEC Annual Report 2009

September 22, 2009

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AIESEC International is the global office of the AIESEC network. Together with our partners from business and civil society, we regularly produce reports and surveys on a range of topics related to leadership, talent and youth. [1]
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[1], [2]


How AIESEC can challenge mindsets

July 8, 2009

In AIESEC we know lots of people who discovered a new way to see the world, and inside this new way, found that their skills and competences could be developed beyond the imaginable. This is one of them, Stefanie Gösele, alumnus from @Germany:
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ABACUS Project

July 3, 2009

From all opportunities that AIESEC provides for those who want to be entrepreneurs, probably “projects” is the way where entrepreneurship can be handled more directly and with an effective approach. This is the story of a sucessful project of AIESEC Uninorte/Colombia and what inspired them to bring their dreams to reality.

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Entrepreneurs doesn´t stop

June 26, 2009

When you see someone who had an experience in Entrepreneurship, they usually keep working with this issue as long as they can (myself included), directly or not. The experience is so intense, and the feeling you have when you achieve the goals set by the project YOU created, alone or with an passionate team, is unexplainable.

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Hello world!

May 23, 2009

Headline: What’s your story? Join in the AIESEC Dialogues!

This Blog is a site for ‘The AIESEC Dialogues’, a global initiative to share the stories of AIESEC; our members and alumni leading change in 100+ countries.

You can learn more about the initiative on our our Facebook group or if you are an AIESEC member on our wiki.

This blog will be used to showcase the best stories around the topics of mobility, entrepreneurship and sustainability, the stories of young people making a difference, exploring what these issues means in local environments, or what ‘switched them on’ to make change.

This Blog is managed by AIESEC members, our International team of citizen journalists reporting live from where they are based including Kenya, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Australia, Bulgaria, The Netherlands….

Enjoy reading, Get involved through comments, if something sparks your interest you can get in touch with AIESEC near you!

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