Through this topic we are looking forward to add to your knowledge about entrepreneurship, in terms of what does it truly mean, why is it important, who are the entrepreneurs, its impact on our societies, and all of that through hearing from you, and giving you the space and chance to share with us your thoughts, experiences, stories etc.
Entrepreneurship is one of the most interesting topics in our present times, as it is the act of encouraging the transformation of simple ideas into real born realities, which can be of great assets to our economies. Those ideas can either help expand into new niche markets through observing a certain needs, help solve a problem or capitalize on a certain opportunity.
As AIESECers, in our AIESEC countries and based on our different realities we work on certain issue based projects, and one of the most commonly implemented ones is entrepreneurship. Since AIESEC is a youth driven organization, this issue based experience helps connects those young people who can possibly have entrepreneurial ideas with the business sector who might see actual potential in certain ideas, and help turn them into realities. Also, we aim to increase the knowledge around this topic, and increase the confidence and trust within those students in their own entrepreneurial ideas and innovations.
Therefore, through this blog space, we are looking forward to hear from you .
Entrepreneurship Drive team

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  1. Abdilda_KZ says:

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