Global Youth to Business Forum

The Global Youth to Business Forum is a unique meeting point for youth leaders from around the world and leading organizations.

More than 600 youth leaders and selected organizations will meet, share perspectives and propose possible actions around issues of global relevance. The forum will gather youth opinion around the topics of Climate change and Sustainability; Entrepreneurship in the Crisis; Mobility and Diversity.

The output of the discussions around each of those three topics will be later on presented to relevant world institutions and large businesses.

If your organization is working around one of the discussed topics or youth opinion in general, join the youth leaders from around the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25th August 2009 as a corporate delegate. Click HERE

If your organization is interested to:

  • Gather global youth opinion regarding the core business/important initiative of your company
  • Involve your staff in direct interaction with youth leadership from diverse cultures
  • Profile your brand among 600 youth leaders from over 100 countries and thousands more online
  • Co-brand a youth statement to the world institutions and business regarding the burning topics of today

Visit our Partner page , and learn more.

To get to know about the program of the event: click HERE

For further information on the events venu and host country: click HERE .

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3 Responses to Global Youth to Business Forum

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