Sustainability description!

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6 Responses to Sustainability

  1. Ewelina says:

    Great job Guys!!!! It looks like an exciting initiative! Keep going! 😀

  2. Romeo says:

    Thank You Ewelina !
    Looking forward to see you on The AIESEC Blog.
    Have a look at the first post on Sustainability:
    by Darren Willman

  3. Sabine says:

    Hey! I am a recent AI alumni :p and working together with Sarah, another AIESEC intern (and former UBS Global Partnership Coordinator) at BSD Consulting (business. sustainability. development.) in Colombia. Very impressed by this cool blog, and we’d be happy to contribute in any way.
    sending big hugs!

  4. Romeo says:

    Hey Sabine. thanks for the comment.
    Please share if u have some cool info/articles .


  5. alexmoraru7 says:

    Hey guys!I support the initiative and I am waiting for a few article topics to contribute to 🙂
    Good luck with it and I can’t wait to make this worldwide known!
    Hugs from Oslo!

  6. Dear all,

    I’m a recent MENA GN Alumni, currently working in Jordan with a CSR and Corporate Governance consultancy firm as a CSR Advisory, I’m using all the knowledge that learned during my AIESEC XP, working on CSR and Sustainability Projects and launching initiatives around that to impact community around me. Thank you AIESEC !!!

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