Understanding the context for climate change solutions of the world’s most vulnerable

June 21, 2009

by Darren Willman

SUNDAY 21 JUNE 2009 – The International Commission on Climage Change and Development’s report on managing the climate change issue says “context matters”.  In those countries most vulnerable to climate change, Africa, I surveyed members of AIESEC as representatives of youth opinion for the unique solutions in their countries.

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The Role of Youth in Sustainable Development

June 5, 2009

Sustainable Development Projects in Africa

by Koba Tchegoun Adebo

The latest bulletin from the World Bank on the fight against food crisis shows a funding level of 732.8 million dollars out of 866 million in total for projects in 30 countries. It shows an effort being made, but we still have to question how it is being used, and where are the beneficiaries?

sustainabilitylogo1Increasingly, the different approaches and business models are silent as to the effectiveness of development programs and policies in Africa. Faced with this intensification of public awareness, capacity building of development actors at the base is needed.

Today, a project of the fight against hunger in Africa is most of the time to purchase rolling stock, pay bills, travel expenses and other primes; this state of affairs leads me to emphasize the role of positive change so that African youth are aware of the voice of development.

Finally, we young scholars and researchers in Africa have a need for truth in the history of the development of our continent…


From Guest Blogger Koba Tchegoun Adebo, President of AIESEC in Senegal

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Tchegoun will be sharing his perspectives on Sustainability during the rest of this week in a series of Guest Posts.

A Call for Change

June 4, 2009

New Paradigms, New Challenges

by Koba Tchegoun Adebo

How will the world change? Far from fatalism or pessimism, I addressed the problems of the world and particularly Africa.

sustainabilitylogo1One solution is the word “CHANGE”. This word has become essential in all areas, activities, sectors and social strata of the population worldwide. A sweeping socio economic, political and financial, environmental and religious upheaval reveals a need for change. This change implies a new paradigm, which in turn leads to new challenges.

However we must not overlook pockets of resistance to change where they come; change is not everyone’s business. Often those for whom change is most beneficial refuse to pay the cost, but after a while they are slowed by the collateral damage generated by the new paradigms.

Take the institutions or the international community who know what must be done to have a world of justice and tolerance, where the lowest is protected, yet still don’t do enough. A look at the state of our planet, the air we breathe, pandemics and epidemics that threaten us (climate change, AIDS, malaria, H5N1, H1N1 and so on. …), the successive crises experienced by our planet : food crisis, energy crisis or oil crisis, financial crisis…

What now needs to change? How? Where? When? And with whom?

I open the debate and I would like to have your opinions, suggestions and ideas on the matter.

“Any knowledge shared is not destructive for the future”


From Guest Blogger Koba Tchegoun Adebo, President of AIESEC in Senegal

Koba Tchegoun AdeboI am Koba Tchegoun Adebo and I was born in Benin, to a teacher father and an international trader mother. I grew up in a family of three children of which I am the youngest. I was a student in Economic Policy Analysis and Evaluation of Projects at the University of Dakar Senegal. Since I was young, I learned resilience and open-mindedness from my father. I am equitable and respectful of human values. I believe that only sustainable entrepreneurship can save our world against all the crises we are facing. My core values are boldness and challenge, perseverance and humility in sharing knowledge and recognising merit.

Tchegoun will be sharing his perspectives on Sustainability during the rest of this week in a series of Guest Posts.