AIESEC Annual Report 2009

September 22, 2009

Hello world!

AIESEC International is the global office of the AIESEC network. Together with our partners from business and civil society, we regularly produce reports and surveys on a range of topics related to leadership, talent and youth. [1]
Download our most recent publications below available for your reference.

Read our Global Annual Reports to find out how our organization has developed and grew through the past years. [2]

Please find the AIESEC Annual Report 2009 at this link and on

[1], [2]


How opportunities can shape you: Brooke Jones

July 4, 2009

While Australians normally go to the beach and relax during their big summer break from university, Brooke decided to go on an AIESEC internship in Beijing China working in sustainability.  Coming into her internship with little previous interest in climate change, she is now as committed as ever.

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